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Courtney Robinette »

Ever since I have had kids I have struggled with losing weight. I found myself in the slump of not knowing how to take time for me and still feel like a good mom. I felt that if my kids were happy, healthy and well taken care of I would be proud of what I have accomplished. Now don't get me wrong I do feel accomplished that I am 27 years old with 3 happy, healthy children and a stable 8 years relationship with the love of my life. But....I found myself seeing my flaws in all of our pictures we would take and would feel embarrassed for my kids. My struggle is like other Moms. Laundry, dinner, sports, snuggles, family time, date nights. Always came before me. About 2 years ago I decided to join Fit4MOM Spokane and much to my surprise I learned how to balance my life. I feel happy, healthy and well on my way to reaching my fitness goal. I take it day by day and know that I will have hours, weeks, days that I feel like I have failed. But, I try to remember why I started and where I want to go. A huge thank you to my support system at Fit4Mom Spokane Body Back, my friends and family...


Betsy Clevenger »

I was tired of trying to lose weight and not getting anywhere. I had been thinking for a long time of joining Fit4mom and then finally decided on doing the body back challenge. I am so happy I did. I realized writing down what I eat, really helps me stay accountable and lose weight. I have lost 16lbs so far and can't wait to see what holds for me next!


Makenna O'Neil »

8 weeks ago I joined ‪Fit4MomSpokane‬ and have loved every minute of it! The first day I ran a timed mile, one of my first since having Liam, and I ran that mile

In 10min 15sec. Today, I ran that same mile in 8min 43sec! I'm really proud of the progress I have made and so inspired by the amazing women I have had the privilege of working out with every week! Thank you Gina Hopkins for kicking my butt and pushing me to work harder every class! For all my mom friends out there, I highly recommend finding a ‪#‎Fit4Mom‬ in your area! ‪#‎StrollerStrides‬ ‪#‎BodyBack‬


Mary Bacon »

Fit4Mom Spokane has given me a support system. I started working out with Fit4Mom Spokane 2 years ago because I was looking to lose weight and fit into smaller pants. But what I found was instructors who are passionate about fitness and truly care about me. I've found a support system. And I've become friends with the other moms who are on this journey with me. Joining this group of strong women was one of the best decisions I made. I still have a long way to go to meet my fitness goals and I have my ups and downs, but I am stronger and more confident today and a big part of that is because of Fit4Mom.


Jessica Green »

I am so thankful for Stroller Strides and the women that I have met. I love being around other mamas and getting a great workout. It's been a challenge to be new to Spokane and having a baby, I am so thankful to meet up weekly with awesome moms and their little ones.


Aileen Jennings »

My son Luke and I started coming to fit4mom at the beginning of May. Because of some health concerns we stayed inside all winter. This class has been a true blessing for us. This is not a social hour, they mean business and I love it! Just being with other moms who are going through what you are and all trying to do something for ourselves is motivating. Thank you so much for this service!